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Features of Forex market hours:
Pacific trading session

Forex starts its working hours when the Pacific session opens on Monday local time. This session is characterized by...

Asian trading session

The Pacific session is followed by the Asian session. Currency pairs that include USD, EUR, JPY and AUD are traded...

European trading session

The opening of the European session starts in financial centers such as those in Frankfurt, Zürich, and Paris. However...

American trading session

The most active time on the foreign exchange market is the beginning of the American session, because it reaches the...

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Forex Scalping Explained
Same as day trading, scalping is aimed at profiting from short-term market movements. If a day trade may last for a few hours, a scalping position is typically open for 1 or 2 minutes. Each successful scalp will bring a trader about 5-10 pips. Although such returns of a single order might sound discouraging, a big number of those boosted by leverage will make this strategy worth your attention.
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A Guide to Forex Day Trading
Day trading strategies for beginners on Justforex. Day trading is a short-term trading approach that involves opening and closing one order within the same day.
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