Privacy Policy

One of the main priorities of the Company is the full security of our Clients. The Company doesn't let their information become open to the general public and be used for third party's own purposes. The Company doesn't sell, disclose, or provide the information on Client's identity and account to third parties for temporary use. The Company values its reputation and respects its Clients.

Gathering of Information

The Company acquires information from every Client. The required information includes full name, date of birth, country of residence, phone number, full address, including city code, etc. All this information is provided by the Client during registration of the Back Office. Gathering information is an obligatory condition for the beginning of a business relationship with the Company.

Personal Data Collected by the Company

Personal data provided by Clients include:
  • information indicated by the Client during the Back Office registration (full name, date of birth, country of residence, phone number, full address, including city code);
  • documents that allow the Company to verify Client’s identity when registering a Back Office, namely government-issued identification documents (passport, national ID, driver's license, or similar document);
  • documents that confirm the place of residence (utility bills (gas, water, electricity, etc.), bank statements);
  • documents that confirm money transfers (in case of a bank transfer, upon the Company's decision).


The Company uses Cookies to ensure effective work of the site and to create statistical reports. The usage of these files allows the Company to organize the work of the site in a user-friendly way and make the website pages useful for the Clients. Cookies are small files that contain data on Clients’ activity on the Company's website. They are placed on the Client's computer when the Client visits the Company's website. When the Client visits the website for the next time, they extract information about the previous visit. Cookies contain a string of characters, which serves as an identifier of the Client's browser. These files are used for tracking website visitors and providing faster and more convenient access. This information does not identify Clients; it just lets the Company estimate Client's interest in the services of the Company and activity on the site. All the information is anonymous. The Client can stop receiving Cookies by changing settings in the menu of the browser.

The Use of Information

Information given by the Client is used solely to provide quality services. For example, the Client's contact information may be used in case of need in urgent contact with the Client or to inform the Client about the Company's updates and news. By giving information about themself, the Client verifies personal Back Office, thus participating in the implementation of AML policy. Client's data is used to confirm identity, open trading and/or partner accounts, quickly inform about the Company’s new services, maintain the database of customers' accounts, and analyze statistical data for providing services and products of higher quality.

Information Protection

The Company uses advanced technology to provide security of personal data. The Company’s employees maintain strict standards in the process of transferring information within the company.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

The Company keeps the right to give information about the Client to third parties only under specified circumstances. Such circumstances may be:
  • protection of personal rights and property in court;
  • implementation of court orders;
  • providing information to law enforcement authorities at official request;
  • transfer of information to business partners (trustees) to improve the quality of service.

Changes in Personal Data

Because the Company assumes that all the information is full and relevant, the Company asks the Client to notify the Company about any changes in personal data via specified forms in the Back Office.

Refusal to Provide Personal Information

The Client has the right to refuse to provide the personal information required by the regulations if it goes against the Client's beliefs. However, in this case, the Company would not be able to provide the Client with certain or any of its services.